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• 10/29/2017

Amazing guitarist cameo.

Season 1 Episode 8. A priest and an exorcist walk into a bar. No really, they did. And there is an amazing slide guitarist and blues singer on stage. anyone have any idea who she may be? Can't find her anywhere online yet. And. There's no way she was a fake musician. She wasn't some slinky blonde grinding on stage. She was a heavy set middle aged white lady with big ol guitar god hands. Looking like the real deal. So unlikely for a tv series, I did a double take. I gotta hear more!
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• 9/24/2017

Exorcist Universe

It's how the world in which The Exorcist goes. It's a Judaic-Christian Christian universe or it has something more complicated because Pazuzu is from another mythology, so he's kind of a demonic deity, independent of God, because I saw that he was not affected by the cross in a scene from an episode , but I only see this scene, I'll still start watching the scene.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 8/12/2017

The Pope in Season 1

I just rewatched the series for a refresher before Season 2 starts (so hyped!). One thing I don't understand; what is the importance of killing the Pope and the importance of who does it? Does whoever kills him get some special power (and if they do, what power is it and which episode does it reference)? I ask because in Chapter 9, when Angela is possessed by Pazuzu, that scene where Simon says he's planned the Pope visit for 6 years he "should have the honor...". But Pazuzu strong arms everyone in the room I'm assuming so she could kill the Pope instead of Simon. Any speculation, theories, explanation is welcome!
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• 5/13/2017


The series was renewed for a 2nd season
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• 7/1/2016

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