Andrew "Andy" Kim is a character in The Exorcist television series and is portrayed by John Cho. He is the caretaker of a foster home in Nachburn, Island, Washington.

History Edit

Andrew Kim originally wanted to become a stock broker while in college so that he could have a Manhattan apartment and an Italian sports car. He changed his mind after meeting a woman in college, and changed his major from business to psychology. He admits that he would still be practicing if not for the kids in his foster home.[1]

He was also in a relationship with Rose Cooper previously.[2]

Personality Edit

Andy is generally gentle and caring, and wants the best for the children in his care, stating that they were the best thing to ever happen to him. The only time he gets upset is when somebody talks about his deceased wife, Nicole. For example, when Shelby prays by the lake, saying that it was the place where "it" (likely a demon) killed Nicole, Andy gets angry saying that Nicole committed suicide because she was depressed, blaming himself for her death. Additionally, he refuses to believe that there are demons.[1]


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