Cardinal Guillot (pronounced GHEE-Oh) is a character in The Exorcist television series. He is portrayed by Torrey Hanson.

History Edit

Cardinal Guillot is a French priest and Archbishop of Lyon. He attended a planning committee for the Pope's visit to Chicago, along with Father Bennett, Maria Walters, Father Tomas, and Bishop Egan, interested in Tomas' opinion of whether or not the Pope would be safe.[3]

A member of the Friars of Ascension, a group that uses the Ceremony of Ash in an attempt to remake the world using people who are possessed,[2] he tells Maria Walters that he hopes she will be rewarded during the Ceremony of Ash for her large support of the Friars.[4]

Guillot also pretends to be on the good side: Father Bennett tells him that organs were being harvested to use in a demonic ritual and that Maria Walters, Brother Simon, and Superintendent Jaffey (all members of the Friars of Ascension) cannot be trusted. Eventually, while in a car with Bennett, he has a bag put on Bennett's head and kidnaps him, showing which side he is truly on.[5] Father Marcus also sees Cardinal Guillot kissing Brother Simon's ring.[6]

Cardinal Guillot is also in a position of power and has a strong influence. Father Bennett investigates Cardinal Guillot because he believes the church has been compromised, and Guillot gets put on trial in front of the Tribunal for being accused of possession. He manages to put on an act and the Tribunal believes that he is innocent, choosing his side over Bennett's. Guillot "proved" his innocence by drinking holy water in front of the Tribunal and Bennett, however, he blessed the water himself, which could have rendered the test useless.[7]

Death Edit

In River Seine, France, Cardinal Guillot performs the Ceremony of Ash, which chooses the Chosen One. He announces that he wants to be in charge of the world and remake it. Guillot and his guests eat a dish that had communion wafers sprinkled on it, poisoning them since they were possessed. Guillot and his guests choke and spit out blood, and a mysterious waitress, likely Mouse, burns the tablecloth.[2]

Cardinal Guillot & His Guests Are Poisoned And Burned Season 2 Ep

Cardinal Guillot & His Guests Are Poisoned And Burned Season 2 Ep. 3 THE EXORCIST

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