Dr. Tanney
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Portrayer(s) Robert Symonds
There haven't been more than a hundred authentic cases of so-called split personality, Mrs. MacNeil. Now I know the temptation is to leap to psychiatry. But any reasonable psychiatrist would exhaust the somatic possibilities first.

–Dr. Taney

Dr. Tanney is a character in The Exorcist. He was played by Robert Symonds.


Dr. Tanney was one of the doctors that attempted to treat Regan MacNeil. He was rushed to the MacNeil residence during the outrageous, supernatural behaviors shown by Regan. He was one of the doctors that conducted the EEG and the arteriograms.

He then suggested to further diagnose the delicate condition of Regan using spinals. Initially he disregarded the plausibility of an spirit and termed it as a psychological disorder but was later left with no diagnosis, similar to his fellow doctors.

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