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Mary Karras
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Died 1975
Affiliation(s) Damien Karras (son)
John (brother)
Portrayer(s) Vasiliki Maliaros

Mary Karras is a character appearing in The Exorcist and its film adaptation. She was portrayed by Vasiliki Maliaros.

History Edit

Mary Karras is the late mother of Father Damien Karras. She lived alone despite the fact that she was in a fragile state and frail medical condition because she valued her independence. Damien's financial state and grievous fate blemished the relationship with his mother, with Damien's pecuniary quandaries at rise, he was forced to admit his mother to Bellevue Hospital. Later on, she died due to a worsened state from her Edema, leaving Damien in perplexity, grieve and regret. Damien also visioned her in his dream, crying out to Damien about her abandonment while Damien is unable to approach her, the dream was most likely a vision from Pazuzu. She was then mentioned by a possessed Regan MacNeil to disrupt Damien during the exorcism and make him feel guilty.

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