Mary Karras' Apartment is a location appearing in The Exorcist. It was home to Mary Karras, Damien Karras' mother. The apartment comprised of two rooms and was rather the style of apartment joined by a small common space, such as a kitchen, but not much more insofar as living space is concerned. She lived by herself and Damien tried to request reassignment from Tom, but it did not work. He frequently visited his mother to try helping take care of her. Although Damien Karras insisted his mother to seek treatment in a care centre, she resisted to live in her home until the time Karras had to forcibly shift her to the hospital due to her growing fragile medical state. The house included personal possessions of Karras including his boxing medals, portraits and ancestral belongings from before he became a priest. The landlord found Mary in her apartment, dead, a few days after she passed away because the neighbors were complaining about her radio being constantly on.