Why do you think God allows His children to suffer? Sometimes, suffering is just suffering. It serves no higher purpose. It simply is.

–Mother Bernadette

Mother Bernadette is a character from The Exorcist television series and is played by Deana Dunaghan.

Information[edit | edit source]

Bernadette is a mother superior of a convent and an exorcist. Contrary to Father Marcus, she forgives and loves the devil to hunt him.

Death[edit | edit source]

During the exorcism of Casey Rance, Pazuzu/the Salesman leaves the body of the young woman and takes control of Angela Rance (integration). The three members of the church: Father Tomas, Father Marcus, and Mother Bernadette celebrate that they had expelled the demon. However, in reality, this was only the beginning of the revenge of Pazuzu and the fall of the Catholic church. Angela Rance/Pazuzu begins his revenge: first, killing Chris MacNeil, then heads to the gathering of other fallen angels/demons and servants, Pazuzu takes control of the group. Pazuzu tells them to leave a clear message to their enemies and that is to "destroy" of the convent of Mother Bernadette and her sisters. Angela Rance/Pazuzu enters the convent, but Mother Bernadette detects Pazuzu from the moment he enters the same room. Mother Bernadette begins to speak with the demon, despite having the vows of silence. Pazuzu begins to make fun of her, and seeing Mother Bernadette show him how immature he is, Pazuzu kills her along with the nuns in the convent.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mother Bernadette is the opposite pole of Father Marcus in many ways.
    • Mother Bernadette uses love, compassion and forgiveness during the exorcism. Father Marcus uses strength, aggressiveness and punishment.
    • Mother Bernadette is patient and helps others without hesitation. Marcus is colder and tends to be cruel and direct to others as obstacles.
    • Mother Bernadette is aware that some cases can not have a good ending, so it's better to end the suffering of the victim. Marcus, on the other hand, does not surrender regardless of whether the victim is on the limit, or it's too late.
  • She is the second recurring character who dies in the television series. The first was Chris MacNeil.
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