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The Exorcist is a series of novels and films about demonic possession and exorcism.



Television Series[]

Other Media[]

  • The Exorcist BBC Radio 4 - a radio drama that aired on BBC Radio 4 in February 2014.[1]
  • The Exorcist (play) - a 2012 play adaptation based on the novel (but not the film).[2]
  • The Exorcist miniseries - At one point, series creator William Peter Blatty talked about developing an Exorcist miniseries, however, it has not happened yet and due to Blatty's death in January 2017, the future of it is uncertain.Sony acquired the rights in 2015.[3][4]
  • The Exorcist: Legion VR - a VR video game released on PlayStation and PC based on The Exorcist franchise, fitting the canon of The Exorcist III/Legion.[5]

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